Forestry Commission Proposals

Forestry Proposal to convert an area of plantation forest to recreational open space

The Forestry Commission's proposal is to clear an area of trees covering 6.3 hectares (15.5 acres) in the Ashley Heath Forest 800 metres from the residential housing in Ashley Park. This is for the purpose of creating an open space for recreational events.

The anticipation is that the site may be used for up to six days per year with two of these used to host two open-air concerts on consecutive evenings (Saturday and Sunday) one weekend a year in summer. The concerts will be for around 5,000 to 7,000 people and the site will have the capacity to park 2,000 cars to include coaches.

The Forestry Commission state that they have been hosting concerts in seven other locations throughout England within similar sites since 1997.

The Forestry Commission are making reassurances that noise levels will be controlled by use of the latest digital sound equipment, vehicle access and egress will be managed, no permanent structures will be erected, no overnight camping will be allowed, the concert area will be temporarily fenced for events and car parks and access routes will be cleared of litter the next day.

The Parish Council has received a constant flow of visits to the Parish Office, emails, correspondence and telephone calls from unhappy residents. This proposal is, however, only subject to en-tertainment licensing approval under which the Parish Council is classed as a non-Statutory Consultee.

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